How Ace of Blades’ Integrated Pest Management Services Can Help You


What is Integrated Pest Management?

Ace of Blades NWA takes pride in being a lawn care company that can be trusted to treat each home with the care and concern we would provide our own friends and family.

This is why we use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system that does not simply rely on the over-application of chemicals that might be harmful to either your family or the environment. Many pest control companies treat each job as if it’s the same and go straight to the application of chemicals.

IPM is a system of pest control that is sensitive to your particular environmental needs. It is a longer-term approach designed to interact delicately with the ecosystem we work within.

How is IPM Different from Other Pest Management Services?

It utilizes multiple methods to eliminate pests in the longer-term. These methods include mechanical, biological, cultural, and chemical. They allow us to deal with existing problems, identify potential future problems and educate the client on the next steps if and when these problems arise.

Though Ace of Blades is a lawn and landscaping company serving the NWA area, pest control is a substantial part of what we do. It is easy to take pride in this because we strive to do it well. This makes us a great option for those seeking pest control options around the Springdale, Arkansas area.

We can help remove a number of pests including bed bugs, termites, moles, brown recluse cleanouts, and mosquitoes.

Here are a few benefits of IPM:

  • Relies on more than just chemical applications
  • Uses cultural, biological, mechanical and chemical methods
  • Uses a hands-on approach to ensure problem areas are not missed
  • Offers education so the homeowner can understand potential problem areas for the future
  • Use of chemicals is a base component of our pest management system

Why Choose Ace of Blades?

Ace of Blades is a convenient choice for Northwest Arkansas and is a convenient choice for the cities of Springdale, Fayetteville, Bentonville, and Rogers. We hope to prove through exceptional service that we are a great option for NWA pest control!

We are humbled by the trust our clients afford us to take care of their homes and strive to prove it is well placed. This is only a small part of why we work so hard to ensure we deserve this trust. We have won a number of awards naming us the best lawn care company in the NWA area since our business began in 2005. This is one testament to how seriously we take our business. These do not outweigh the individual testimonials of the happy clients we serve every day. They are easily as welcome and humbling.

Those interested in how our IPM services can help turn around their pest problems can contact us for a quote today!