How Mosquito Control Benefits Your Family and Pets



You might be tempted to dismiss these tiny creatures, but mosquitoes are one of the world’s top killers. Each year, they cause approximately 2.7 million deaths globally due to mosquito-borne illnesses and diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, or parasites. Malaria is the most prominent one and is endemic in 91 countries. Yellow fever, West Nile virus, Chikungunya, Dengue fever, and Zika virus have caused worldwide devastation.

Are You Safe at Home?

You should be aware of the fact that ever-increasing instances of mosquito-borne diseases are being reported across the United States, annually. Also, mosquitoes are also known to transmit thread-like parasites known as heartworms to cats and dogs. Scientists have discovered over 3,500 different species of mosquitoes. There are 150 spread across North America. Millions of them have already invaded homes, backyards, and gardens in Northwest Arkansas. Households endure untold suffering while facing a rising potential for contracting life-threatening illnesses; hence, the need for effective mosquito control services.

Know your enemy: basic facts about mosquitoes

  • Mosquitoes prefer damp, dark areas near stagnant water, and are usually active from dusk till dawn. These insects are attracted to body odor, warmth, carbon dioxide, and light. That is why you commonly find them around residential areas. Many people think that mosquitoes are neither male nor female. On the contrary, males and females behave very differently. Males and females mainly feed on plant nectar and fruit. However, female mosquitoes feed on human blood to help their eggs develop.
  • Interestingly, a female mosquito can lay up to 400 eggs at a time in standing water, which hatch into larvae after about three days. Adults then emerge twelve days later and have a fourteen-day lifespan. How do you keep your home mosquito-free? Like all living beings, mosquitoes need water, food, and shelter to survive. You need to eliminate at least one of the factors to get rid of them. You must destroy breeding areas.
  • Think of stagnant water as the playing ground and the perfect place for breeding. In addition to creating environments for completing their life cycles, they are likely to host microscopic animals, plants, and organic debris, which are their sources of food.

How to Defend Against Mosquitoes

  1. Regularly change the water in bird baths, dog dishes, or plant pots. Other breeding sites include poorly draining gutters, non-functioning swimming pools, buckets and containers, ditches, cesspools, sagging tarps, plastic pools or even rain barrels.
  2. Often mow grass, trim shrubs, vines, and also get rid of tall weeds. Don’t allow the waste to heap up in a corner; instead, burn them up or cart them away.
  3. As you would expect, these little pests like dark places. Therefore, discard any junk and tires lying around. You can also spray shaded areas with DIY treatment.

Deal with them proactively

Mosquitoes can easily come over from your neighbor’s home. Mosquito repellant is ideal, especially when you’re relaxing in your garden or backyard. There’s a wide range of backyard foggers you could use to enjoy temporary relief from irritating bites and buzzes.

When taking a rest on the porch, switch on electric fans. These disturb the air and make it difficult for the pests to settle in. Keep doors and windows shut to keep the bugs out. You can even use hands-free screens that automatically block entrances and openings.

Get Professional Mosquito Control Services

A monthly mosquito service from a reputable company will help put you at ease, especially since they’ll deploy broad-spectrum insecticides in harboring areas to control the insect populations. You’ll enjoy the added advantage of being rid of other lawn pests. Get more information here on Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Experts handling your chemical control processes will only eliminate unwanted flora and fauna. They take extra care to preserve ornaments like flower bushes, honey bees, and other welcome attractions.

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