Grassy Weed Control

There are some perennial grassy weeds that cannot be covered by our full service. Because these weeds are perennial, they cannot be prevented. They do not come up annually from seed. Since they are grasses, many are similar to Bermudagrass. Therefore, the chemicals that can control these weeds often are detrimental for the Bermuda as well.


For example, Dallisgrass is nearly impossible to eradicate. There are chemicals that are labeled to control Dallisgrass. Unfortunately, the reality is that they are not very effective, take multiple applications, and extremely expensive. It can be spot treated with Roundup, but that will also kill the grass around it. In the past, repeat treatments of MSMA 7-10 days apart for 4-6 weeks would control it. Now, MSMA is off the market and we cannot spray it. These are the reasons that Dallisgrass control cannot be included in our service.


Nutsedge is a weed that we cannot prevent. It loves wet conditions and is made worse by overwatering or lots of rain. We try to spot spray this weed at each normal service. However, the chemical is expensive and blanket applications for nutsedge are not included in our quoted price. If we need to spray an entire lawn for nutsedge, it is an add on service.

Johnsongrass & Fescue

There are other perennial grasses such as Johnsongrass, fescue, and several others that are also not included within our normal services. These, however, can be controlled with some additional options. If you are seeing issues with these types of grassy weeds, please call us. Once we identify the specific issue, we’ll be able to communicate what we can or cannot do to help with the specific problem.

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