Weed Control & Fertilization

Our lawn program is specifically designed for the environmental conditions in Northwest Arkansas. Each perfectly-timed application builds upon the last, working to choke out weeds & restore your soil for a vibrant, healthy lawn.

1. Spring Pre-Emergent

January-March: This application is timed to prevent crabgrass and other unwanted summer annual weeds. It will not prevent all weeds but is the basis of our weed control program.

2. Spring Broadleaf Control

March-April: Some weeds we cannot prevent. This application is timed to take care of dandelion and other broadleaf weeds. We also apply a low amount of fertilizer to get your lawn jump started.

3. Early Summer Fertilization

May-June: The best weed control is a healthy lawn. Our summer fertilization is how we enhance the health of your lawn. Broadleaf weeds are also spot sprayed.

4. Mid Summer Fertilization

June-July: We use a blend of fertilizer that provides just what your lawn needs to be healthy and green. Broadleaf weeds and sedges are also sprayed at this time.

5. Late Summer Fertilization

July-August: We supply a total of 4 lbs of Nitrogen per 1000 sq. ft. spread out equally over your fertilization services. Broadleaf weeds and sedges are also sprayed at this time.

6. Fall Broadleaf Control

September-October: Lawns will often have an influx of broadleaf weeds this time of the year. We time this application specifically for those problems.

7. Fall Pre-Emergent

October-November: This application is timed to prevent unwanted winter weeds, including henbit which is the one that has all the purple flower come springtime.

8. Winter Soil Conditioner

November-December: While the soil is cooler and able to retain water, this application of Humic Acid helps open the pores of the soil, enabling a broad spectrum of nutrients to go deep and wide.

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