Grub Control


White grubs in our soils are generally the larvae of the Japanese beetle or the masked chafer. While they are rarely in quantities that cause damage to turfgrass in Arkansas, it is possible to see damage on Fescue, Bermuda and Zoysia lawns. Please consider making grub applications part of your maintenance program.

Many people ask us to spray for grubs in order to help control mole problems. We are happy to do this when asked. However, we are also careful to educate our customers of the fact that moles will feed on 50 different insect species. Getting rid of the grubs may help eliminate a delicacy for moles, however, we cannot guarantee that grub treatment will help get rid of your moles.

There is some relevance in spraying for grubs to stop them from reaching the adult stage (Japanese beetles). Unfortunately, spraying your lawn for grubs is not going to keep future adult beetles from emerging from your neighbor’s lawn or the surrounding environment. These emerged adults can still find your plants, even if they did not emerge from your lawn.

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