Household Pest Control

Protect Yourself from Unwanted Creepy Crawlers

Our household pest control service protects you from unwanted creepy crawlers inside your home. One free service call is provided per quarter. This service is designed to provide three months of protection, and must be repeated quarterly.  The service covers most non-wood boring household insects (ants, spiders, beetles, roaches, earwigs, etc.). There are some exceptions that require additional services such as flies, bed bugs, extreme spider or roach infestations, and flying insects such as wasps or hornets.

Our standard pest control services include spraying a perimeter around your house, sweeping your eaves for spider webs, and spraying around the baseboards and entry points inside the house.  One free service call is provided per quarter.

In addition to our full service, we also offer an exterior only service which is more convenient for people that are not able to be at home when service is scheduled. It does a good job preventing pests from getting inside the house, but is not as effective as the full service.

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