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During the warmer months, we get a ton of phone calls about mosquitoes. Ace of Blades wants to help home-owners implement IPM strategies in order to have substantial effects on populations around homes. Having an effective “control and management” plan starts with understanding the life-cycle, identifying breeding sites, and knowing how to prevent future infestations. Please note: using these strategies does NOT mean you will never have mosquitoes around your home; they are intended to help control and reduce the populations within your immediate vicinity.

All mosquitoes have one thing in common to complete their life-cycle: water. Some mosquitoes lay eggs in potable water sources, such as bird baths, and some lay individual eggs on the sides of tree holes, or depressions in the ground that hold water.

It is important to identify breeding sites around your home. These sites can include, but are not limited to: open containers, flower pots, old tires, tarp covers, bird baths, clogged rain gutters and ditches. Changing water every 3-5 days in identified breeding sites can disrupt the life-cycle and dramatically reduce the chances of survival for that hatch. You can also consider using dunks with BTI active ingredients from a hardware store for sources that are difficult to change often (e.g. bird baths).

Managing breeding sites, using a professional service for chemical control for adults in landscapes, and personal protection are key tactics. Wear light colored, long sleeve clothing during dusk and dawn periods when outside. Apply deet products to clothing as well to help repel the adults from your person. Visit our website blog to learn more about mosquito control and to request an estimate.

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