Core Aeration


The Importance of Aeration

Aeration is a crucial component in managing a healthy lawn.  The major benefit of aeration is to loosen compacted soils. Our soils in Northwest Arkansas are often high in clay content, which can easily lead to compaction.  Turf is meant to be used for play and enjoyment.  Unfortunately, the ways we enjoy our lawn also put a lot of traffic on the soils.  Kids playing, pets, sports, cornhole, and mowing are just a few of our activities that contribute to soil compaction.

Core aeration removes 2-4 inch plugs throughout the lawn.  In addition to relieving compaction, it helps increase the water and nutrient holding capacity.  It also helps promote healthy roots that grow deep into the soil which is the best defense the plant has against drought.  Aeration also helps reduce thatch.  All of these things work together to create a healthier soil, which in turn promotes the health of the turfgrass.

Please note core aerations are only offered to our lawncare customers. If you are already utilizing our lawncare services, please consider making aeration an annual part of your lawn service.  It is crucial to the long-term health of your grass, and we would love to help you with that process! If you are interested in core aeration but are not a lawncare customer, contact us today for a free quote for both services!

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