Spring Dead Spot Reduction

Prevent Dead Spots in Your Yard

Spring dead spot is a very significant disease on bermudagrass in NW Arkansas.  It occurs every year, but some years seem to be much worse than others.  If you have noticed circular dead spots in your lawn during the spring, this is most likely the cause.

Factors that may contribute to the onset of the disease include: soil compaction, thatch accumulation, overwatering, poor drainage, and the variety of the bermudagrass.

Fungicides, applied in the fall, have been shown to decrease the severity of the disease for the following spring.  However, disease control with fungicides can be incomplete (the fungicides are designed to suppress the disease).

If you are interested in a fungicide application this fall, please contact our office as soon as possible.

Photos and captions courtesy of Dr. Aaron Patton, University of Arkansas.

A. Spring dead spot appears in circular patches and may be confused with grub damage.

B. The disease primarily affects the roots.

C. Diseased areas may not fill in with bermuda grass until July or August.

D. Weeds are often a problem within the diseased areas.