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Tree Injections Can Save a Tree and Your Property Value

arborist in tall green tree with blue sky backgroundHealthy and lush trees add to the aesthetic look of the exterior of your home. Unfortunately, trees are vulnerable to pests such as insects and disease that can cause them to look thin, sick, and can even lead to death. Dead and damaged trees are prone to falling, which can cause property damage. Tree-destroying pests must be addressed if you want to keep your trees healthy and beautiful.

The average homeowner may notice the signs of a sick tree while there is still time to do something about it. A professional can help diagnose and treat different insects & problems with tree injections using fertilizers, micro-nutrients, insecticides, fungicides or antibiotics that are directly placed inside the cambium layer of trees.

Identification is the First Step

Before a problem can be fixed, it must be diagnosed correctly by identifying the tree species and confirming the presence of issues specific to that tree species. Sometimes a tree may show some signs of sickness, but most people won’t recognize these subtle indicators. Some signs that may suggest a tree is sick include:

  • Uneven growth: The tree leans to one side, or looks asymmetrical.
  • Cracked bark: Deep cracks in the bark of the tree can indicate that the tree is unhealthy.
  • Dead wood: Dead wood is brittle and will break if you try to bend it. Unhealthy trees may have a large amount of dead wood.
  • Decay: it is difficult to see early signs of tree decay, but fungus growth can be a good indicator that decay has set in.
  • Loss of leaves
  • Curled, discolored leaves


If you notice any of these symptoms in one of your trees, it is a good idea to consult a professional tree care service to diagnose your trees. An experienced and knowledgeable team, like Ace of Blades, can come to your home and provide an assessment and help you develop a plan of action, which may include tree removal or treatment measures such as a year-round 12-month treatment plan typically initiated in early springtime.

Tree Injections

Tree injections deliver needed antibiotics, insecticides, micro-nutrients, fungicides, or fertilizers. The injections Ace of Blades primarily use are the insecticide tree injections because virtually every tree is vulnerable to insect infestations.

How do You Know if Your Tree Needs an Injection?

Tree injections can be beneficial as a preventative measure for every tree. However, there are some signs that a tree is in poor health, and could be treated with an injection. Dying limbs and loss of leaves are a very common sign of a parasitic infestation. If you notice these on any of your trees, a professional consultation may be a good option.

What’s the Real Value of a Tree?

Trees are unique, living structures that are often priceless. When they become sick, your first instinct may be to have it removed to protect the aesthetics of your landscape. Sometimes that is the best option, but can be costly and the tree may be irreplaceable in your lifetime.

Tree injections are an economical way to treat sick trees and nurse them back to health.  A professional tree care service, like Ace of Blades, can help you create and initiate a plan to keep your home landscape lush and beautiful.

Before calling someone to come cut down a valued tree, contact us to see if the tree can be saved with tree injections instead!