Landscape Services

Landscape Treatment Program

Our full landscape treatment program includes the following services:

Spring Fertilization

Late Spring Insect/Disease Prevention

Summer Insect/Disease Control

Late Summer Insect/Disease Control

Fall Fertilization

Landscape Weed Prevention

Although we cannot spray any chemicals in your landscape beds to kill existing weeds, we do offer a service that helps prevent annual weeds from germinating. This service is additional cost, and needs to be done 3-4 times a year to be effective.

Bagworm, Japanese Beetle or other Insect Sprays

Some insects can be extremely damaging to your landscape plants. If you need us to do a one time spray for bagworms, or other insects, we would love to help you. If we notice issues that need your attention, we will notify you. However, if you notice the problem first, please call ASAP. Bagworms can destroy plant material very quickly.

Tree Injections

Protect your valuable trees from unwanted diseases, bores, and other insects with your tree injection services.

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