Most lawn care companies now HOW to care for lawns. They use the same equipment, the same chemicals and have adequate knowledge to apply those chemicals correctly. What sets any lawn care company apart is their integrity and service. In this Josh and Ace of Blades excel. I’ve worked with Josh and Ace of Blades for thirteen years and I trust them implicitly. They are prompt, courteous and attentive to details. All of that leads to excellent results. I highly recommend Ace of Blades...

– David Turner, Fellowship Bible Church NWA,

Grounds Team Leader

Thank you Ace of Blades... just waiting for my lawn to wake up. Neighbors yards are green with weeds just FYI

– Amy Nunnally,

Home Owner

We couldn’t be any happier with Ace of Blades. Our lawn is so green, plush & weed free now. We heard Ace used quality products and had reasonable rates, so we tried them ourselves. Now, we just want to share that info with anyone else. Ace of Blades is a smaller company which we love instead of large corporation. We’ve also had awesome customer service with Ace of Blades.

– Judy Mike Reppond,

Home Owner

After trying several other lawn maintenance companies here in NWA I called Ace Of Blades and I have just been blown away by the great customer service and the results that I have gotten. I would highly recommend that you give them a call if you are looking for a better service provider or if you are just tired of the struggle to keep your lawn in it’s best condition. They can definitely take the frustration away and make your lawn the envy of your neighborhood. I’m thankful that I surrendered the treatment to the professionals and that all I have to do now is mow!

– Doug Parchman,

Home Owner

Well, let’s just start by saying that my lawn has looked the best that it ever has this early in the summer season and today is only the third treatment so far this year! Damian has been our consistent lawn technician for well over a year (which is important to me) and he really knows my yard (and dogs too!). I still pull a few random weeds that pop up occasionally between treatments, but I could actually win “lawn of the year” this year if I could only edge better! LOL! Seriously, I am so glad that I switched to a true local company that really knows our area and turf issues (way to be Josh and team) and have been pleased to recommend Ace of Blades to all of my neighbors and well, we all proudly post your signs in our yards after a job well done! Keep the prices fair and competitive as they have been and the prepayment discount in place and you’ll have me as a loyal customer for a long, long time! ????????????????✔️????????

– Greg Swango,

Home Owner

I found out about Ace of Blades just today. I have not yet met the owner. I just sent an email to him through his website & he emailed me back within 20 minutes! I already have an estimate with prices with appropriate discounts & he is taking care of some spots on my lawn for free for me!!! I'm already impressed with his service!

– Todd Debriyn,

Home Owner

It is my pleasure to recommend The Ace of Blades Pest Control as your pest control company. I have worked closely with Cory for more than a year and have found him extremely competent and enjoyable to work with. He is bright, innovative, and dependable. Cory does what he says he will do and will go above and beyond to make sure you as the customer are taken care of. My experience with pest control service over the years has not been the best so it has been a breath of fresh air to have a person and company that believe taking care of their customer is the most important thing they can do.

– Vickie Bicknell, The Villages of Cross Creek,

Community Director

Our lawn is green and our checking account is full! They do a wonderful job and cost way less than a lot of other lawn companies. Been with them since 2008.

– Wendy Kane,

Home Owner

I couldn't help but drop a note to thank you for all your company has done. Although the Army has said it is time to move further south, we'll always recommend your business to our friends that do call or will soon call beautiful NWA home.

– Jason Atkinson,

Home Owner