Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Ace of Blades different than all of the other guys?

This is my favorite question to answer! We are locally owned and take pride in providing services that actually BENEFIT our customers. We like to develop relationships with our customers and truly want to be there for their needs. If you have questions, Josh, our owner, is here to help. He has a Master's degree in Horticulture and wants to assist you with your needs. We refuse to sell you things you do not need, and the product we deliver is the best in NW Arkansas.

What are your hours of operation?

Our office is open 8:00-5:00, but we can often be reached earlier or later.

What services does Ace of Blades provide?

We specialize in weed control and fertilization for lawns. We now offer pest control, including termite protection policies and mole control. We also offer disease and insect control, landscape fertilization and spraying, and aeration and overseeding.

How long has Ace of Blades been in business?

We've been in business since 2005 and are very proud of the reputation we have developed in NW Arkansas.

How quickly will I see results with your program?

We are confident that you will see results quickly. It often takes 4-7 days to see your weeds start to die after the treatment. Some weeds cannot be selectively killed without also killing your grass. Please remember that what we do is a process. Not all of your lawn's problems will go away over night. We will work to enhance the health of your lawn with proper nutrient management. By enhancing the health of the grass, over time we will see fewer problems in the lawn. Over time, we can control the more difficult weeds in the proper season.

Can I autopay for services?

Absolutely. Please see the My Account page about autopay services.

What can I do about my mole problem?

This is the most frequent question I am asked. We are now offering mole control services that include quarterly monitoring and baiting. The best way to get rid of the mole is to kill them with traps or baits. When the bait is eaten, the mole will die. There are also several options for traps. These are often spring loaded and can be set above the tunnels. Grub control may help to reduce the food population for the mole and temporarily keep them away. However, moles also eat earthworms and grub contol alone is not 100% effective in eliminating moles.